Thursday reflection for week 1

October 3, 2006

I am enjoying being in an academic setting where we were looking at the study of culture, specifically contemporary culture. I am looking forward to the different directions that we may be heading in based on some of the introductory concepts that were brought up in Thursday’s lecture.


I was intriguiged by Ryan’s suggestion that if the church is not where a Christian finds meaning in life, he or she will create two lives–one at church, and one elsewhere. I felt that he was naming something that I had not put into words exactly, but could definitely identify with in terms of things that seem to be missing in my experience, and others’, with church. Some of my most valuable experiences with Christian community have been when I was involved throughout the week on a regular, often daily, basis with people on a number of levels; building connections with one another as we served, socialized and worshipped together while sharing a commitment to a common cause of some sort. For people I know who do not attend church it does seem that they often find alternative ways to meet their needs for community and finding meaning. I look forward to studying this further in the future.


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