Thursday Reflection, week 2

October 10, 2006

I continue to enjoy the class. On Thursday we took a further look at how people have viewed mass media, specifically during the 20th century.  I was interested in the work of Adorno and Horkheimer. It was interesting that they were some of the first to initiate, at least into terms of the study of culture, questions about the objectivity of research that was being done. They noticed that a person’s upbringing affects the how they do research and what findings they arrive at.  It was surprising in some ways that it was not long ago (the 1940s) that they were introducing this idea.  I realize that I have grown to assume that the objectivity of research is normally held in question in today’s postmodern age.  Also, I was intrigued with their thought about the “culture industry’s” power to make the working class into drones who are pacified and impassioned from confronting capitalism and the powers that continue to create disparities of wealth.


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