Tuesday’s Reflection, week 3

October 12, 2006

Convicting and inspiring lecture. The talk about practice theory and how our “practices”—what we do and what we say—is a domain for God’s redemption was stimulating. The concept seems fairly simple to grasp, and not altogether new, but the emphasis on looking at how our practices do have the power to impact the culture of a family, office, or other system makes a lot of sense and I find myself wanting to get more people on board with this. It seems that a primary role of a congregation involves learning and supporting others in the process of bringing about transformation to homes, workplaces, and other structures within society through choosing to honor God in all of life.  I found myself thinking about the various spheres that I inhabit and how easy it is to mindlessly adopt the practices of a given system, just because things have always been done a certain way and it seems that there is no possibility of change.  I felt convicted of ways I need to be more discerning and to continue to listen to the voice of the Spirit in order that I can make choices and develop practices that will honor God in every sphere of my life and may potentially bring about transformation as well.


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