Thursday Reflection, week 5

October 31, 2006

The lecture on Thursday covered numerous significant topics.  The comments made about the social costs of advocating for the outsider were most applicable to my current life context. The Christian community often has traces, and at times, glaring problems with cliquishness and exclusiveness.  I find myself annoyed when Christians are judgmental of those who are new to a Christian community and struggle to abide by the unspoken norms and practices of the group. Another direction that my thoughts ran in surrounded my experience relating with people who grew up in the church but no longer consider themselves Christians because they are most turned off by the idea that the only means to salvation is through Christ.  Often their primary hesitation to committing themselves to a relationship with Christ and the Church involves a philosophical struggle with the idea that God would favor and choose some while allowing others to remain outside the bounds of God’s grace.  The journey that I hear that they are on often includes time spent with those who are “outside” the Christian church.  In a conversation with one of my friends who would fit this description, he expressed his frustration about the way Christians often act like Pharisees and exclude in ways that he feels Jesus would not have done.  With this in mind, I found the lecture to touch on some philosophical/theological questions while increasing my desire to create Christian community that exemplifies the inclusive nature of the family of God.


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