Tuesday Reflection, Week 9

November 25, 2006

Very interesting class on modernity and late modernity (or postmodernity). I appreciated the info on the reasoning behind the use of the words “late modernity” instead of “postmodernity.”

Also, listening to the description of the cultural changes that came about with the arrival of modernity aroused a hunger for the positive aspects of cultural life that were lost or eroded as a result of this transition.  The lecture provided me with a better understanding of the vague sense of dissatisfaction I often feel about life in modern industrialized cultures. This dissastisfaction comes as gnawing urge for a way of life that seems elusive and unattainable, a desire to find a village community of sorts amid the rush of a city or the bureaucracy of an office environment.  Ryan’s comments on one of modernity’s characteristics that he referred to as “disembedding” or the “lifting out of social relations from their local contexts” was particularly helpful in understanding the resulting disenchantment expressed in response to this which marks late modernity.


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