Going away from class I was most struck by the interest the class had in the topics discussed. I look forward to hearing the questions and discussion that arises from this group during this quarter. I was particularly interested in the conversation we had about traditional forms of missions abroad. I found the comments about the importance of having relational ties prior to going overseas to be helpful, and one that seems important for SIS students, especially, to be reflecting on.


Though it was not the first time I’ve heard Newbigin’s thinking on missions in the West, I was struck by the question Newbigin asks, “Why is the church so irrelevant in the West?” I am looking forward to this class because I hope to piece together a better understanding of how mission to and within the affluent West is related to both global justice issues and social concerns in the U.S.  I find myself wondering often how I reconcile my interests in these areas of study, feeling that they are at odds with each other, though I am not entirely convinced of this.