Week 2, 2nd Class Reflection

October 5, 2007

Most impressive to me in Gandhi’s story is the way in which he maintained vision for India’s independence, in the face of tyranny, long established practices of foreign domination, and civil rights abuses, and that it could be achieved through non-violent means. Gandhi’s commitment to non-violent resistance was not half-hearted or naïve. He stated (in the movie) non-violent resistance will come “…not without defeat and great pain. You must make the injustice visible, but be prepared to die like a soldier.” I find the parallels to be quite clear to Christ’s witness and counter-cultural approach to transforming the powers.  The story of Gandhi’s life awakened me to hear the challenge to follow Christ seriously, particularly in terms of the way God calls us to know Christ in suffering. 


One Response to “Week 2, 2nd Class Reflection”

  1. wess Says:

    good call picking up on the theme of suffering here, something we often over look.

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