Week 4, The Meaning of “Church” in the Teaching of Vatican II, Fuellenbach

October 22, 2007

This chapter’s comments on the ecclesiastical dimension of marriage were thought provoking. I both appreciate what this concept promotes and find it to have a logical trajectory that leads to off-based theology. On the positive side of what Fuellebach presents, is an emphasis that the life of the church is not only about what happens inside the walls of a church building, but that Christian life and spiritual formation can occur throughout all of life. However, on the other end, I am concerned when the church spiritualizes the role of marriage to the degree that those who don’t marry or delay marriage find it difficult to understand what the “family of God” and participation in a church community means. I believe that the single person also reminds the church of another ecclesiastical dimension of the church- the call to be brothers and sisters in a profound way that goes beyond once a week meetings on Sunday mornings.


One Response to “Week 4, The Meaning of “Church” in the Teaching of Vatican II, Fuellenbach”

  1. wess Says:

    great insight sara. I think your point is well taken.

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