Week 6, Monday’s Class Reflection

October 31, 2007

As much as the idea of missio dei seems to be growing in it acceptance in the academy, it does seem like making the transition in how we think about missions in this way is still slow in coming, even amongs SIS students, and most clearly in our churches. Missio dei, and living it out, is not a simple transition, even though the concept seems relatively easy to grasp. It brings up the question for me of how do we challenge people who are planning on leaving Fuller with degrees so that they can become career “missionaries” to not hold onto that label in a way that it discourages others within the church from realizing their call to missional faithfulness in any setting they are working and living in?


One Response to “Week 6, Monday’s Class Reflection”

  1. wess Says:

    great question, and I wish I had some great answer for it but I don’t.

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