Week 7, Classmate Response to Terry Mak

November 12, 2007

The comments Terry made reminded me of thoughts that went through my mind while reading the Fuellenbach chapter on Models of the Church. Coming from an Anabaptist background I also connected well with the disciples of Jesus model (along with a number of others) and the importance of voluntary faith commitment to be vital to the Christian formation process. I struggle also with appreciating or validating the practice of infant baptism, though I am a supporter of infant dedication. In some ways, it seems like these particulars could be overlooked, but for me there are significant theological principles underlying infant baptism that can influence how believers understand themselves and Christian faith that should not be taken too lightly. For me if there is any value in infant baptism, it is in whatever value it has as a positive Christian tradition that assist in maintaining faith communities in a world of change and absence of meaning. But this alone is not reason enough for me to support the practice.


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