Week 8, Response to Adam Meyers

November 19, 2007

I will respond to Adam Meyer’s response to me that he posted this week. Adam begins by stating that one way his perspective diverges from mine is in “the way that Jesus’ establishes his authority.” He goes on to comment that, “Jesus’ authority was heaven sent” which I think is what I said: “Jesus does not gain his authority from his associations with the powerful in society, but with his intimacy with Christ” (or God).  From what I understand, the primary difference between Adam’s view and mine (which is probably fairly minimal) is that he would say that “Jesus’s views may have been somewhat counter-cultural” where I would say that Jesus’ way of being and living was definitely counter-cultural.


One Response to “Week 8, Response to Adam Meyers”

  1. wess Says:

    Yes, and that small distinction can make a big difference…

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