Week 10, Response to Wednesday’s Class:

November 30, 2007

I forgot to write a post until tonight. If you are still excepting them, here it is: 

I enjoyed hearing further connections that were made today between our reasons for studying postcolonialism and how this relates to the Church. The comments that were most thought provoking today for me were related to the criticisms  that people have had of the church when it has tried to lobby for change to happen at a macro level, but has not been willing to engage with the problems and the people being impacted by them at a local level. This ties in nicely with some of what I am learning about in Poverty and Development. Also, I was struck by Mark Lau Branson’s recommendations for how to support a community of people in moving them towards change in such a way that they own and direct the process, instead of coming across in a dominanting way by trying to infuse eveyone with your ideas or methodology to address an issue.


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